May 11, 2013

Official (Live Video) at El Bukanazz’s Throwdown Thursday

The group Official is back on the scene as they performed March 9th with other local hip hop acts like Salem, Oregons Yung H-D, Marvelous, Ryan Carrera, Kid Cry and Portland, Oregons R & B singer QNice.  Definitely a power packed performance from the different artist all bringing unique flavors to the table worth watching.

Closing out the show Official once again showed how they can be a nationwide favorite and also a helping hand in having people recognize the Northwest Hip-Hop scene is filled with mainstream relevant artist who are worth being heard around the world.   Below is a video of Official from the nights performance.

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April 30, 2013

The Very First Song That Official Dropped

“Oregon has been representin’ Northwest Hip-Hop for the longest time, never getting the true credit that was deserved. Credit deserved and hunger to make sure the 503 are recognized is 2 different things.

“Being hungry is what makes it happen!” says Abidam, one of the group’s artist. “How the song came about was from Shad droppin’ a tight beat and Black Sinatra coming up with the tight hook and a feel for the track’s vibe. Then Shad and I came up with the lyrics. ”

We happened to catch Black Sinatra who came through the Official Records 503 studio and asked him “How did you come with the hook Black Sinatra?”  ”It’s the love I have for the 503, that’s just me,” says Black Sinatra.

Abidam said “They came to me later that day and I immediately thought this is an Anthem!  But we think worldwide, not only could you drop it here, where we know we should be recognized for the talent, I thought just like that old Petey Pablo cut North Carolina” where he would shout out all different cities, we could do the same thing with the different area codes.  Let this song represent wherever you’re at no matter what part of the globe it is. Just Stay OFFICIAL!!”

Give us some feedback after you listen to the cut In Da 503 below, good or bad. We know we can’t please everyone, but you can never survive without haters. To the fans, WE DEFINITELY CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT Y’ALL!!

April 29, 2013

It’s Official In The 503

It’s DEFINITELY “OFFICIAL” this past Saturday was the very first Official show appearance and indeed they crushed it with lyrics from Abidam, Shad and hooks sang by Black Sinatra.  They most indeed made their presence felt, showing why they bare the group name “OFFICIAL”!

They put a show together immediately after dropping their video on YouTube to what will absolutely be a hit felt across the nation in their song called “Take You There”, which you can watch above.  Look out in the very near future as the group will be dropping their Debut Album called, “It’s Official.  The group believes they will be dropping sometime in May, although with the many bangin’ tracks they have, they may drop in the very beginning of Summer. They are building up a buzz for what they call “That Feel Good Hip Hop for many different generations”.

We caught up with the rapper/producer Shad and asked him.
What do you feel is so special about the 503 that you represent it to the fullest?  There’s so much potential in an untapped market just waiting to explode

If there’s one thing about Oregon Hip Hop that people should know about what would it be?  It’s Here and we here, ya know, Shad replies cheerfully

Look out for Official because we believe they are here to stay!!

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